Factual Horror #1 The World Today

Morgen Knight

I am very worried about this world, but what is new about that? I don’t know if you have seen much on TV, but there is some crazy stuff going on in this world. Over in Egypt, Christians are being murdered in the street. Christian women and young girls over nine are being forcefully married to Muslim men, raped, and then tossed into the street. That is only one.
What about the AP scandal? The Justice Department got caught bugging hundreds of reporters phones, and the phones in the cloakroom of congress, trying to uncover their sources and prevent them from reporting on the things this government doesn’t want to be talked about.
Or Benghazi, where our ambassador was murdered, the military was told to stand down and let him die, and our president said he was told that the compound was being attacked then went to bed for the night, leaving whatever happened up to others.
And then the IRS scandal, where the IRS targeted republicans and conservative groups and audited conservatives because they wanted to keep them from helping out the opponents of the president. That is a lot of crazy to me.
Did you hear about the gun law in New York? You can only have seven bullets in a clip. Wow! Like, if I were a criminal, I wouldn’t follow that. But a law-abiding citizen would. That is what is crazy about laws. Only the people that behave follow them.

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