Factual Horror #4 Self-doubt

Morgen Knight

I imagine everyone has self-doubt. Especially people trying to do art. But victory comes to the unreluctant. Why would you choose to feel that way when you can choose to be confidant? When you can just as easily feel happy? Why feel anything you don’t want to for a prolonged time? To continue to feel a certain way, you have to choose to.
Belief is such a simple thing. It is no harder than a statement. Feelings are nothing real. Feelings are not evidence of a single real thing. Tell me one thing feeling proves. Please?
All emotions are secondary. They are never the thing, but caused by the thing. Choose to feel different. It is not easy, it’s like being a guard to your own mind, choosing what goes in and out. But once you’ve trained yourself, it becomes your nature.

  1. True stuff. A few years ago I learned about neuroplasticity (and SDN), which gives the scientific background for how we change our brains by forcibly changing our attitudes. (I blab about it on my blog if you’re interested.)

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