Factual Horror # 7 Goals


Morgen Knight

I think the world we live in today is funny. Maybe it is the way the world always was. Probably. But we see so many people that have these dreams and wants and believed they are owned anything. That they are special. That they shouldn’t have to do the shit jobs and work hard and struggle. Do you know what that tells me? The underdogs will always have it better here, because they understand how life really is. Favor follows the faithful. The people that strive relentlessly toward their goal, that hold tight when the trials come, that never flinch from their vision will succeed.
It’s funny how many people on TV talk about wanting to own a house, but they don’t even want to sweep the floor of their apartment. They want to run a company, but won’t to work the stock room. Want to raise great kids but don’t take care if their dog. God tells you that you have to be faithful in the small things to succeed in the big things. That He will not open doors to great things if you can’t first mend the minimal tasks. He’ll never let one run a company that couldn’t show up on time to a regular job, that slacked on their duties, that couldn’t be counted on to preform what was expected. To have and build any great thing, you must first tend and nurture the small, seeming insignificant things, you know?

    • Shirley Morgan
    • February 26th, 2014

    So very true!!!

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