Writing has always been a therapeutic escape for me. I’ve been in love with horror movies since I was seven. I first started out writing some poetry (unpublished), then decided that wasn’t really my niche. Horror and thriller just seemed right. Since I have always been a lover of the macabre myself. Each story I write I try to grab ahold and never let up, taking you on an incredible journey. Having you looking askance in the shadows. Sometimes I am while writing them. I have been writing for about eight years. It’s definitely been a tedious progress, but one I thoroughly enjoy. Writing is a great learning experience, and I must say I learn something new everyday.

I have had numerous short fiction published in magazines, and anthologies. I won The Editor’s Choice Award for my story “The Best He Could Give”. A list of my publications include:

Fictionvale due to be released 3/2014 Emergency Services

Metastatis 10/2013 The Dead Rise for Me

SQ Magazine 9/2013 Mr. Strawn and The Book

Serial Killers Tres-Tria 8/2013 A Good Deed

Brief Grislys 5/2013 A Better Tomorrow, How It Ended for Jasper Malyhe, What He Gave

Zombie Jesus and Other True Stories 9/2012 Those That Knock

Dark Moon Books presents: Ghosts! 10/2011 The Hold of Broken Things

Dark Eclipse #5 11/2011 Some Dark Things

The Absent Willow Review 9/2009 The Best He Could Give won Editor’s Choice Award

Niteblade 12/2008 I Miss You, and Other Words

I am a mother of two and a writer full-time. I am currently living in Kansas City, working on short stories and (one of many) novel.

    • David Jones
    • November 9th, 2013

    I’ve read, and commented on, many of your tales. You are very enjoyable to read, even when you’re gritty. Please keep writting, because I look forward to each new offering you put out there.


    • Sarah
    • January 25th, 2014

    How do I find and purchase one of your books?

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