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Factual Horror # 7 Goals


Morgen Knight

I think the world we live in today is funny. Maybe it is the way the world always was. Probably. But we see so many people that have these dreams and wants and believed they are owned anything. That they are special. That they shouldn’t have to do the shit jobs and work hard and struggle. Do you know what that tells me? The underdogs will always have it better here, because they understand how life really is. Favor follows the faithful. The people that strive relentlessly toward their goal, that hold tight when the trials come, that never flinch from their vision will succeed.
It’s funny how many people on TV talk about wanting to own a house, but they don’t even want to sweep the floor of their apartment. They want to run a company, but won’t to work the stock room. Want to raise great kids but don’t take care if their dog. God tells you that you have to be faithful in the small things to succeed in the big things. That He will not open doors to great things if you can’t first mend the minimal tasks. He’ll never let one run a company that couldn’t show up on time to a regular job, that slacked on their duties, that couldn’t be counted on to preform what was expected. To have and build any great thing, you must first tend and nurture the small, seeming insignificant things, you know?


Factual Horror #6 Our Time


Morgen Knight

Another year is coming to an end. It is strange how quickly the time of life goes. I am twenty-four and I can’t imagine the break-neck speed of fifty. I wonder if it is because we are so busy or because our minds take less time to observe what is around us? We are an adaptable species, quickly adjusting to things. It is also why we are so seldom able to remain happy. We do too many things in excess. When you can do some things at will, you value them less. That is just the nature of it. Because you grow inured. Humans like variety and change (in small doses) and even a bit of stress. Strange creatures.
As 2014 begins its time to try and start to enjoy more of the little things that life has to offer. Time goes by too quick and the older I get the faster it goes.

Factual Horror #5 Lead

Morgen Knight

If you want something in life, you have to go for it and get it. It is up to you. Nothing is ever ever going to be given to you. And anything in life worth having takes hard fucking work. Dedication.
Do you know it and trust it and want it and need it and bleed it and live it? If not, how could you make it?
See the life you want. Know that it is in your hands. Be the leader. Lead.

Factual Horror #4 Self-doubt

Morgen Knight

I imagine everyone has self-doubt. Especially people trying to do art. But victory comes to the unreluctant. Why would you choose to feel that way when you can choose to be confidant? When you can just as easily feel happy? Why feel anything you don’t want to for a prolonged time? To continue to feel a certain way, you have to choose to.
Belief is such a simple thing. It is no harder than a statement. Feelings are nothing real. Feelings are not evidence of a single real thing. Tell me one thing feeling proves. Please?
All emotions are secondary. They are never the thing, but caused by the thing. Choose to feel different. It is not easy, it’s like being a guard to your own mind, choosing what goes in and out. But once you’ve trained yourself, it becomes your nature.

Factual Horror #3 Real Love

Morgen Knight

Love is a strange thing. I was reading about the Greek words for love. They have four words, each one focusing on specific types of relationships. And the greatest kind is always the unconditional love. Agápe. I thought about that, and…like…if love is not unconditional, can it be love at all? I mean, you can love someone and not be able to have them in your life. Love doesn’t mean you absorb all abuse. But if love is not unconditional, what is it? Doesn’t is become something of a pay check? If you do this and that, behave this way, live this way, be this person, I love you. If you do not measure up to what I expect, I do not? Is that love?

Factual Horror #2 Too Emotional

Morgen Knight

I have been reading a lot about living life out of reason and purpose, using logic as your compass. Not emotion.

When I look around, I see so many things in this world guided by emotion, and emotion is a dangerous thing. Not only is it easy to manipulate, giving control over to another person, but it is always and forever only concerned with right now. Emotional decisions are never made with concern for the future, they are limited to right now, to how we feel not what is reasonable or logical. As I watch the news, I continue to see these new laws and ideas all anchored in how people feel right now, never realizing the world they are going to wake up in tomorrow.

Think about it. I’m sure you have made a decision out of emotion, or know someone who has. I know I have. Then I kick my self in the ass for it later. We have to learn to take a step back–from the situation, those feeling– and really think before we act on something. Before it’s too late.

Factual Horror #1 The World Today

Morgen Knight

I am very worried about this world, but what is new about that? I don’t know if you have seen much on TV, but there is some crazy stuff going on in this world. Over in Egypt, Christians are being murdered in the street. Christian women and young girls over nine are being forcefully married to Muslim men, raped, and then tossed into the street. That is only one.
What about the AP scandal? The Justice Department got caught bugging hundreds of reporters phones, and the phones in the cloakroom of congress, trying to uncover their sources and prevent them from reporting on the things this government doesn’t want to be talked about.
Or Benghazi, where our ambassador was murdered, the military was told to stand down and let him die, and our president said he was told that the compound was being attacked then went to bed for the night, leaving whatever happened up to others.
And then the IRS scandal, where the IRS targeted republicans and conservative groups and audited conservatives because they wanted to keep them from helping out the opponents of the president. That is a lot of crazy to me.
Did you hear about the gun law in New York? You can only have seven bullets in a clip. Wow! Like, if I were a criminal, I wouldn’t follow that. But a law-abiding citizen would. That is what is crazy about laws. Only the people that behave follow them.